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The Urban Arboretum: The Stumpery

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Urban Arboretum: Stop Eleven

October 20, 2022
Species at the Stumpery
Tsuga hyterophylaon
Here you can see another western hemlock, this specimen much smaller than that in the Urban Native Forest. This young tree is growing atop a redcedar stump.
Photo by Daniel Heintz
Oxalis oregana at the Stumpery
Also known as the redwood sorrel. This species forms lush carpets along the cool floor of coastal redwood forests. It is native to the Pacific Coast of North America, from B.C. down to California.
Vaccinium ovatum at the Stumpery
Also known as the evergreen huckleberry or winter huckleberry. This evergreen shrub is native to Western North America along the coast line. It’s a true huckleberry plant and produces round edible black berries in the summer months.
Species at the Stumpery
Polypodium vacciniifolia
Look closely and you can see the species Polypodium vacciniifolia, a type of fern, growing on the cedar stump.
Photo by Daniel Heintz
Mountain hemlock at the Stumpery
Tsuga mertensiana
This young western hemlock is growing at the Stumpery. What differences do you notice between this specimen and the more mature western hemlock that lives in the Urban Native Forest?
Photo by Daniel Heintz