Amazon Spheres viewing for local media, 5/4/17
Seattle-local media outlets view the interior of The Spheres for the first time, photographed Thursday, May 4, 2017, in Seattle, WA. John Schoettler, Downtown Seattle Association President Jon Scholes, King County Executive Dow Constantine and Amazon Horticulturalist Ron Gagliardo were in attendance. The event included a ceremonial planting, commemorative donation to the Environmental Science and Adventure School and commemorative photo op for attendees. (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon Stories)
Photo by JORDAN STEAD/JORDAN STEAD / Amazon Stories

The team behind The Spheres

Amazon Horticulture was created to provide Amazonians and their neighbors a connection to nature through biophilic design in our community landscapes.

The Amazon Horticulture's goal is to provide a connection to nature, wellness benefits, and a more creative workspace by maintaining a vibrant, healthy and sustainable interior and exterior landscape environment. The team is comprised of passionate horticulturists, designers, and facilities operators.

Inspiring innovation with biophilia

Our horticulturist talks about the philosophy that inspired The Spheres