Woodinville Greenhouse - Amazon Spheres Plants
The Woodinville Greenhouse, housing samples of exotics plants used in the Amazon Spheres, photographed Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, in Woodinville, WA. (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon)
The Spheres Plant Press
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Corpse flower in The Spheres

This rare plant usually takes about seven years to produce its first bloom, which only remains open for about 48 hours.

Urban Arboretum surrounds The Spheres and Amazon

Gone are the days of a stuffy, strict corporate landscape – Amazon’s urban arboretum fits right into the neighborhood

Curating The Spheres plant collection: a botanical collaboration from Day One

The horticulture staff worked with many botanical gardens and universities across the globe to curate The Spheres' plant collection.

General Porpoise: Snacking at The Spheres

Planning on visiting The Spheres during HQ tours or weekend public visits? Check out the cafe inside The Spheres.