Woodinville Greenhouse - Amazon Spheres Plants
The Woodinville Greenhouse, housing samples of exotics plants used in the Amazon Spheres, photographed Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, in Woodinville, WA. (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon)
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Exciting News: The Corpse Flower Has Bloomed!

Morticia, our first ever corpse flower, will be blooming for a second time very soon! Here's how to see it.

Celebrating Five Years of The Spheres

Happy anniversary to The Spheres! Since its opening in 2018, Amazonians, guests, and visitors have walked through The Spheres to take in the stunning flora and unique design.

Corpse flower in The Spheres

This rare plant usually takes about seven years to produce its first bloom, which only remains open for about 48 hours.

Urban Arboretum surrounds The Spheres and Amazon

Gone are the days of a stuffy, strict corporate landscape—Amazon’s urban arboretum fits right into the neighborhood.

Curating The Spheres plant collection: a botanical collaboration from Day One

The horticulture staff worked with many botanical gardens and universities across the globe to curate The Spheres' plant collection.

General Porpoise: Snacking at The Spheres

Planning on visiting The Spheres during HQ tours or weekend public visits? Check out the cafe inside The Spheres.

News about The Spheres

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Does Amazon’s ‘Helix’ Reflect the Shape of the Post-Pandemic Office?

The Helix will be the center of Amazon's D.C. headquarters, featuring indoor botanical gardens and biophilic design.

Amazon Horticulture donates 2,000 plants to benefit Woodland Park Zoo

Amazon Horticulture donated +2,000 plants from its collection as part of a fundraiser for Woodland Park Zoo. It was the first time the plants are were made available to the public for purchase.

Corpse flower draws crowds to Amazon Spheres

In June 2019, The Spheres welcomed the blooming of its second green-and-purple Amorphophallus titanum—better known as the corpse flower.

I visited the Amazon Spheres—here's what it's like inside

A rainforest is thriving in one of the most unlikely places: Amazon's campus in downtown Seattle.

Amazon’s Seattle Spheres and the Evolution of the Architectural Biospher

Architecture Digest features how designers devised a plan for symbiotic cohabitation between workers and plants at The Spheres.

Amazon opens The Spheres to public twice a month

Admission to the unguided tour of this jungle-like workspace is free, but visitors will need to reserve a time slot online.

Inside the Amazon Spheres: The plants, the architecture, and a transforming city

“Alexa, open the Spheres,” commanded Jeff Bezos, and with that, Amazon’s hybrid greenhouse and office space the Spheres officially launched.

Amazon’s mini rainforest work space spheres are opening in Seattle

After seven years of planning and construction, Amazon’s mini rainforest spheres opened in South Lake Union, Seattle.

Hello, Rubi: Amazon drops big tree into its Seattle Spheres forest

"Rubi" is the 55-foot-tall, 36,000-pound rusty fig tree (Ficus rubiginosa) that was lowered by a crane through the top of The Spheres.