Woodinville Greenhouse - Amazon Spheres Plants

Learn about the plants

With more than 1,000 different species of cloud forest plants from all over the world, The Spheres living collection highlights the planet’s biodiversity and explores the value of conservation in an urban environment.

To support the level of biodiversity in The Spheres, the Amazon horticulture team works behind-the-scenes in a nearby greenhouse in Woodinville, WA. Plants routinely rotate between The Spheres and the greenhouses throughout the seasons. Like The Spheres, this greenhouse is filled with cloud forest species from around the world, from tiny begonias and orchids to large tree ferns and aloes. Explore some of the greenhouse plants in the gallery below.

The plants in The Spheres are organized into a number of collections. From the vertical gardens of the Canyon Living Wall to the flora-filled Fernery, each collection provides unique green spaces for employees and visitors to learn and be curious. The Spheres feature a vivarium– a living wall / aquarium hybrid that keeps freshwater critters under semi-natural conditions. Explore some of the highlights of The Spheres’ plant collection in the gallery below.

Inspiring innovation with biophilia

Our horticulturist talks about the philosophy that inspired The Spheres

The Spheres welcome first plant

The Spheres welcomed an Australian Tree Fern from the UW Botany greenhouse as its first plant.