Greenhouse Gallery

on January 12, 2018
Known as Alocasia micholitziana, this plant is in the same family as the taro root. These plants have to be properly prepared before consumption.
Platycerium ridleyi is commonly referred to as the staghorn fern because of its resemblance to antlers. This epiphytic fern consists of two fronds. The shield frond attaches to a tree and the fertile frond contains spores.
Native to North Vietnam, Begonia sizemoreae is known for its unusual foliage. The tops of the leaves are green and are covered in tiny white hairs. The undersides of the leaves and the stems are bright maroon.
A vibrant passiflora antioquiensis flower, which comes from the Republic of Colombia.
Passiflora antioquiensis hails from the Republic of Colombia. Fruit from this species is edible but is more tart than its relative– the passionfruit.
Sometimes referred to as the peacock plant, Calathea makoyana is native to Brazil. This plant is in the arrowroot family and is often used in ornamental displays.
Related to pepper, Peperomia caperata can typically be found growing on the forest floor in the Brazilian tropics.
Known as Coelogyne speciosa, this species of orchid is native to Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. Some species of Coelogyne are used in herbal medicine.