The Urban Arboretum
The Urban Arboretum, maintained by Amazon Horticulture, provides Amazonians and community members a connection to nature in the center of Seattle's urban core. As you walk through Amazon's Puget Sound headquarters, we invite you to experience this urban botanical garden, which reflects the diverse plant palette represented within The Spheres.

7th Avenue

An aerial view of The Spheres. Oak trees line the street on either side. Amazon campus buildings are visible to the right, left, and background,

A colonnade of Accolade elms (Ulmus x ‘Accolade’), and Princeton elms (Ulmus americana) line 7th Avenue. Both varieties are resistant to Dutch elm disease, an invasive fungal pathogen accidentally introduced to the United States in 1928 that has devastated native elm populations. These hardy elms provide a cool pathway that guides you through the downtown corridor. Planting new trees is one of the most effective ways to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and other pollutants while helping to keep our urban streets cooler in summer months.

Ready for more? Continue down 7th Avenue, past Amazon Go, and cross Blanchard Street to find the next stop.

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