Urban Arboretum: Doppler Stairway

March 23, 2023

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Beesia along the Doppler and Meeting Center staircase
Beesia deltophylla
Also known as beesia. This species is native to southeastern Tibet. Its specific name, or epithet, deltophylla translates to “triangle-leaved.”
Small green teardrop shaped foliage
Epimedium grandiflorum
Also known as bishop’s hat because its four-spurred flowers resemble a clergyman’s biretta. This species is native to Japan, Korea, and Northeastern China.
Mahonia gracilipes at Doppler
Mahonia gracilipes
Also known as the Chinese mahonia. This species is native to Southwestern China. The specific epithet, gracilipes, refers to the plant’s slender stalk.
Polystichum makinoi at Doppler
Polystichum makinoi
Also known as Makinoi’s holly fern. This medium-to-large-sized fern is native to India, China, Japan, and the Philippines.