The Urban Arboretum
The Urban Arboretum, maintained by Amazon Horticulture, provides Amazonians and community members a connection to nature in the center of Seattle's urban core. As you walk through Amazon's Puget Sound headquarters, we invite you to experience this urban botanical garden, which reflects the diverse plant palette represented within The Spheres.

Alfresco Garden

After exiting the Breezeway, turn right and walk along 6th Avenue, toward The Spheres. At the corner of 6th Avenue and Lenora Street and you will see a large magnolia tree; just north of the ‘big-leafed’ magnolia is the Alfresco Garden.

The fruiting trees and herbal shrubs selected for this landscape are inspired by ingredients used by chefs in restaurant kitchens around campus. Here you can find olives, figs, bay laurel leaves, and plums! In the warmer months, you will also find patio seating for Willmott's Ghost, a restaurant hidden within The Spheres, surrounded by the garden.

Look around and here are some of the species you can see. Click on an image to learn more.

Ready for more? Use the map to collect your bearings and navigate to the next stop.

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