The Urban Arboretum
The Urban Arboretum, maintained by Amazon Horticulture, provides Amazonians and community members a connection to nature in the center of Seattle's urban core. As you walk through Amazon's Puget Sound headquarters, we invite you to experience this urban botanical garden, which reflects the diverse plant palette represented within The Spheres.

The Dog Park

Navigation is better with a co-pilot. Amazon has always been a dog-friendly campus, and the Dogs at Work Program fosters an inclusive canine culture, exemplified by the dog parks and relief areas you will see featured across the Puget Sound Campus. When designing the landscape, Amazon Horticulture had to be sure the species were pet safe and able to withstand playtime.

Dog Park at Amazon Day 1

Adjacent to The Spheres is one of the first public dog parks at HQ1. Seattle might be famous for its rain, but horticulturally it's defined by its dry, Mediterranean summers. The species around the dog park include variety of arid-tolerant species that thrive when provided with excellent drainage over the winter. Find species from the American Southwest and Mexico, such as agaves and desert mock orange (Philadelphus madrensis), which smells like grape soda.

Click on an image to learn about the species that live at the Dog Park.

Ready for more? Turn right to continue down the pathway by The Spheres, toward 7th Avenue. Use the map to collect your bearings and navigate to the next stop.

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