Urban Arboretum: Dog Park and Pathway

October 28, 2022

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Species at the 6th Avenue dog park
Drimys winteri
Also known as winter’s bark. It is native to South America, specifically Chile and Argentina. Historically, the bark of this plant was used as a cure for scurvy. Here, you can see winter's bark with The Spheres in the background.
Species at the 6th Avenue dog park
Actinidia tetramera var. maloides
Pictured is a species from Actinidia, a genus of woody plants native to temperate, Eastern Asia. Local plantsman, Dan Hinkley gifted this plant to the Amazon Horticulture program.
Species at the 6th Avenue dog park
Agave ovatifolia
Also known as whale’s tongue agave. It is native to the Nuevo León region of Mexico.
Philadelphus madrensis at the 6th Avenue dog park
Philadelphus madrensis
Also known as desert mock orange. This species is native to Mexico and the American Southwest.