Urban Arboretum: East of The Spheres

October 28, 2022

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Polylepis tree at The Spheres
Polylepis tomentella
Polylepis is a genus comprising of 28 shrub and tree species. Species in this genus, such as Polylepis tomentella, are native to the mid and high elevations of the Tropical Andes.
Pseudopanax crassifolius
Also known as lancewood. This small tree is native to New Zealand. While the plant is young, the juvenile leaves are dark green, narrow and linear. As it matures, the leaves shorten and turn upright.
Pseudopanax ferox
Pseudopanax ferox
Also known as the toothed lancewood. This species is similar to the crassifolius in the last photo, but the leaves on the ferox are a darker color, often a grey-green, and have a distinct tooth-like shape.
Ypsilandra thibetica at The Spheres
Ypsilandra thibetica
This evergreen shrub is native to the valley slopes of China and Taiwan. Its leaves are colorful and lush and are used in traditional Chinese medicine as congestion relief. When in bloom, the white flower clusters smell like vanilla.
Helwingia chinensis
Helwingia chinensis
Also known as the Chinese helwingia, this plant is native to Eastern Asia. Plantsman Dan Hinkley was the first to bring this species to the U.S. in 1996.
Helwingia chinensis
A closer look at the foliage of Helwingia chinensis.