The Urban Arboretum
The Urban Arboretum, maintained by Amazon Horticulture, provides Amazonians and community members a connection to nature in the center of Seattle's urban core. As you walk through Amazon's Puget Sound headquarters, we invite you to experience this urban botanical garden, which reflects the diverse plant palette represented within The Spheres.

East of The Spheres

Green landscaping at The Spheres. One person sits on the bench in front of a fern tree.

You are now standing at the base of The Amazon Spheres. This iconic building, which opened in 2018, is an intentional example of “thinking big” about the workplace and reconnecting people to nature through architectural and landscape design.

Assembling a world-class collection of plants, like that seen inside The Spheres, is no small feat. In doing so, we relied on partnering botanical gardens, specialty nurseries, and private plant collectors, many of whom are involved in plant conservation efforts. Visit for more information on our plants and programs.

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